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Reviews for "DICE ROLL"

Easy points.

This isn't really a game. It's just a random number generator if you need to simulate a die roll.

Even for a Test you should have more to do, Easy Points make people happy though.

110 points just for clicking over and over again! YAY!

Okay, I can't recommend this because it has such simplistic gameplay. It's basically nothing but clicking the same thing over and over. I do, however, have to give this a lot of credit, because it's great to be able to get so many medals so easily. Yes, I am that kind of player. I guess I just haven't been hitting the jackpot lately for games I either like or are good at. If you just want some easy medals, this is your game!

I wish you would improve on the graphics. Everything just seems of such low class in this. There doesn't appear to be any good shading or shadows or anything. I am still glad this was made, only because of the easy medals. It just seems like something too simple for a game.