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Reviews for "DICE ROLL"

Very lazy game. Just clicking a dice. 2 stars for easy medals!

Not really a game, more like a dice simulation.

Gonna have to agree with most people though, really fast and easy way to nab 100 points!

Thank you for 110 points!The game is good and easy.

Not a very well made game. its not even animated, for crying out loud!
all you do is click the cup as fast as possible until you roll a 3 and a 6.
I got 110 points in under 10 seconds, so thats why this is 2 stars instead of 1

If you remake this game, animate the dice roll, add some sound, and maybe some things like a d4, d8, d12, and d20, with some medals for each, this could be a game i play constantly for all my dice rolling needs.

but until then, not happinin.

the easiest way to get 110 points... thanks!