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Reviews for "Simple RPG"

The art is beautifull, and so is the music, that's encouraging.

seabere responds:

Thanks, yeah I love all of the artist's work. The artist was really cool with me using his stuff and supposedly likes it.

erm...... its missing much stuff like more areas enemies armor quests more stats i give 5 stars if it is better

seabere responds:

Adding all that in the next one :D

make it bigger, better and awesome.

seabere responds:

Sounds like a good plan, I'm going to try that. The next thing that I make will have:
-Sexy buttons
-Initial character creation
-Regular RPG leveling (Get X amount of EXP and you get Y amount of stat points to spend)
-More enemies (as in more than just one)
-Health bars instead of just boring text
-A magic system to spice up combat
-More than one enemy
-Instead of just random hp that scales to your skill levels monsters will be a certain level (balanced to your own of course) that dictates the amount of hp they have and the damage they deal
-Better shop and item system (with things like potions)

a quite shallow game, but you figured out variables, and that's more than I've been able to do.
however, if you added more of a story and a save feature, this could become more of a game and less of a test. under the presumption that you intend to do that at all, I'll look forward to seeing the finished product.

seabere responds:

Yeah, getting them to be global was a real hassle (I use AS3 so I can't simply do _Global var) and this was basically just me showing off that I could use them. And yeah my next game will be much better and polished. Oh and I could teach you if you want :D

It's exactly what the title says: Simple RPG. Really only thing you'll be doing is clicking to fight, and buying the best gear. That's really it.

seabere responds:

Prettymuch hit the nail on the head with that one. I probably should have added an end objective or something but eh its a test :P