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Reviews for "Simple RPG"

good art but the enemy needs to have a reaction to the attack and u need some adventure

As the name says simple. As it's a demo, you have the general game play down, and thats good. At the same time, I would add more options. What if I don't want to be a swords man? But I understand, that may defeat the purpose of it being simple. Good for what you're aiming for, but lacking something my my eyes.

nice art work and good game concept i hope your next sequel will add more interesting stuff to make the game more entertaining and addicted. nice work! =)

this was good and has a really good chance of becoming a great game with a little variety and adventure but one thing you should change is the fact that after you die the whole thing restarts

A good time killer. It's got potential for a great game. I had a few problems with fighting(Not really problems,mainly just being horrible at it) but overall it was a good game. The artist is very talented and the music suits the game beautifully. The full expansion of the game will be something I can't wait to play.
4/5 Good demo