Reviews for "Mario Meets Kirby"

too much story and not enough action... It was a good story don't get me wrong, you had an awesome flash, but it was really a bunch of random, and not enough action.

I love it! The comedic timing and whatnot is great. Well done.

i liked it it would have been tight if you had there voices

I like how you did subtitles and how the whole concept was a mix of mario and kirby.
Whenever someone makes a random animation with great voice acting/sound effects, I'm always the one laughing. I feel bad for the 4 guys below who didn't really get it.
Anyway, this was an epic flash and I am rating 5/5 stars.
Great work!

Some people dont really find this funny. I think they're trying to take it more serious than the fact it is supposed to be a little stupid. Stupid in the idea that he is just reading a script for no reason and the rest just follows. I find it pretty good. Just a pinch more random tho.