Reviews for "New York Shark"

Great game, but for some reason none of the medals work.

Thank you for making these shark games Weisi, though I only started playing them about a year ago, I think they're some of the greatest games Newgrounds has to offer right now.

Wiesi responds:

Thank you for playing!

lol asteroid spiderman

Man, I think all the games of this shark is awesome, and this is not one exception! Thanks for doing a game so cool!

Wiesi responds:

Thanks for playing! :)

Great game. Just like all of your other ones.

Simply perfect, and you my friend have made something special. I really think you should consider taking these games and going somewhere bigger with them. I know you could do it.

Above all, great work and never stop making these! This is a great saga, and I will love and enjoy every type of Shark-based game you put out.



Wiesi responds:

Thanks for playing and reviewing!