Reviews for "New York Shark"

Not sure if it's reliable, but I just got the coast guard jet on the 3rd (not the 2nd, the 3rd) playthrough-in-a-row, and using Chrome browser. I'm not sure if browser makes a difference but I know it's never appeared for me before and I usually use Firefox.

It was near the end, after everything else, but before the meteorite.

Also not sure if it makes a difference, but I intentionally skipped pulling down any planes/etc on that play as well.

my arm hurts, and i broke the down arrow on my keyboard 10/10

this is up there with return of the Jedi levels of threequel quality my only gripe is it feels a little to similar to Miami shark

I killed Osama,i catched the ball 10 times and i don't get the medals!

2017 and still Good

Wiesi responds:

Happy New Year!