Reviews for "Prosnorkulus"

Man this series is so full of doom, 5 stars is a given.

Seriously though, I like the art style and the constant slo-mo gore. The sniper is the funniest killer I think I've ever seen.

Tears of laughter.
music was sweet. i just wish there was some music, even low music for the fights.

Never got around to reviewing this beautiful piece. 2012 is coming to a close but take whatever time you need to have the sequel put me in tears the way this one did. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Prosnorkulus's uncanny muteness(Love his signature "hold his head back" pose) is a reference to archetypal mute heroes in games such as Legend of Zelda. It fits so beautifully well to the animation and adds humor to every scene the titular character is involved in. If you put a scene in the sequel that made me laugh as hard as being precise enough to catch your own saliva in vial, my life with be complete. This is a piece of artistic genius and the medium at it's finest. Thank you for your hard work and effort in bringing this to the world.

MiddleFingerRings responds:


Glad you liked it my good man.

Too fuggin awesome for words. Original dark humor at it's best. Lovin the part with the fat messenger at the guard. Nice work!