Reviews for "Chuck the Sheep"

Wow! Amazing, great job, nothing works for how well this was done. I nearly managed to get to that last section when I was level 5, onyl half upgraded, showing either I'm too good for that or it was too easy. Chuck needs a theam song- he's amazing. Upgrading was hard after you hit the 2/3 point, though. Hard to get the materials. Should be on the front pages, because this was done just great!

Fantastic but I wanted to upgrade more before finishing the game :(

I feel un-finished

nice game really liked it 38 days all upgrades hehehe but i wish u have some wepons or magnet to upgrade but will thx for the great game .

maxed out in 40 days!!!!!!I cantSTOP PLAYING THIS GAME!!!:D

This was a really good game, however, I had a few problems with it:
1. If you had high booster upgrades, it was tough to get down to the ground to get wood, stone, and oil
2. It seemed pretty easy to finish the story, then again, there are a multitude of quests that I'm sure take a long time to complete
3. I really wanted to select "I want to make 500 wood" on the exchange menu, but I had to find the recipe instead. Not that bad, but it could have been better. Maybe the player could select something to make, then see what they need to make it, and then click on whatever ingredient they need to see what can be used to make that, and so on.

Keep up the good work.