Reviews for "Chuck the Sheep"

Fun to play

Much like a less bloody toss-the-turtle in hours of fun playability. I came across a few problems though.

First off I never figured out how to use my boosters. Which I might discover as I play longer but right off it's not easy to find, nor seems to be anywhere in the instructions? If it's a mouse click well I'm playing only with a keyboard.

Second it seems (on mine anyway) every time I press [P] for play after pausing the game it doesn't work and I have to reload the game.

Otherwise very cute, I plan on spending some time playing around with it.


Good game, but the last quest is buggy. after reachng the 'end' of the game/storyline a first time, you're not able to 'finish' magma flats...


Hilariously entertaining. Definitely a game I'll play again.


Very Addicting!

Self-Destruct ACTIVATE!

I reached a great distance on Day 3, but I lost all my parts, so damaged :P