Reviews for "Abobo's Big Adventure"

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GOTY 2012 across any platform.

A really good game

During my first playthrough, the game was not difficult, but not easy either. I enjoyed the the nostalgic feel this game brings and the adaptation of different NES games. The bosses were pretty fun to fight, except for one or two who were a bit boring. The medals are pretty easy to get, except for the balloons one. The story had a nice feel to it, good family feel with lots of violence is always good. It's too bad if you couldn't pick-up the game exactly where you left off, but it can be overlooked.

Gameplay 9/10 I experienced an occasional glitch form time to time, but the controls are pretty smooth.

Story 10/10 The story had originality and was very good from start to finish.

Sprite Animation 10/10 There are a few parts that need improvement, but the overall quality of it is well done.

Overall 10/10 I would really recommend this game. It is simply fun and I found myself playing it several times.

Ahhh... smells like nostalgia.

Before the game even started, watching Abobo trying to get the game to work had me laughing. I have a son that plays Nintendo and I will be damned if I don't have to employ every trick I know to get the damn thing going. The game is essentially a nod to every descent (and some not) game to grace the NES. Right down to the sound effects and music ripped straight out of those ancient cartriges. The game plays like Double Dragon and River City Ransom. Beating the shit out of lovable characters from my past is really enjoyable. Anyone that grew up with Nintendo will apprectiate the trip down memory lane, I know I did. I especially liked beating the crap out of Scott Farkas. Overall worth a playthrough for anyone that loves a good game. Great job!

Abobo responds:

I hope you played past the 1st level... there's a lot more than just "double dragon" and "river city ransom" style gameplay.

It is very uncanny!!

This is very funny game!

Wow...there is no bad place.
My favorite this game!!

Every day, this game is enjoyed.

I like it!!

Almost unplayable at times and overrated.

Most of the game is at least kind of fun. Other parts are so bad it makes you want to kill the creator!

There should be a difficulty selection. One where you can choose infinite lives for those players who are not masochistic. Once you get to the Contra stage you have a ton of lives if you die but by that time you have suffered through most of the pain.

The only reason I even gave this title a 7 is because of how accurately they remade versions of old games. The only problem was the twist they put on the games as far as bosses went was terrible!

I can understand that if you make things too easy that people will get bored and complain but there is a point of annoying that will cause the opposite effect. That is this game. /End of rant;

Abobo responds:

We cannot account for your terribleness at video-games. This represents an era where games actually presented a challenge.