Reviews for "Abobo's Big Adventure"

Classic Combo!!

This is one awesome compilation of Old-School NES games, love it!!! played it all the way and no regrets at all!!

Comin from a SEGA fan


A 2 year objective in replicating various Nintendo classics from the days of old. Except with a humorous story starring an never before seen character named Abobo.

Story: Abobo has to save his son aboboy from the clutches of Nintendo characters.

*SPOILERS*The ending....the CREDITS ending kinda disappoints.

The 8 bit art style is awesome to look at I bet it gives long time Nintendo fans an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia. The sounds only add to the cool old school feel. The music is neat to listen too I wonder if it's straight out from one of the original tracks in the games.

Damn near perfect, I love how simplistic the controls are and had a blast on my 8bit adventure. Lots of violence and blowing shit up which is always a plus. The rage is a blast to use and it's so entertaining to watch the rage various animations tribute to the various worlds of the NES. The only issue i had was how the game just throws you in the contrabobo world without explaining how to play it. Don't get me wrong it wasn't too difficult to get used to (it's actually one of my favorite levels) but it would've saved me two game overs. But then again this game isn't exactly meant for me. And you did input the cheat code that I'm guessing also has credibility towards the contraband world's history, which was neat. I would've preferred to to see a world dedicated to Mario rather then Mega-man or that balloon level (which felt like a chore to play through) but ah well, the functionality of the game more than makes up for it. This has excellent replay value and chalk full of content for those willing to stick around and ring this game dry.

Also I would make the 2player mode have it's own selection , it's just shunned in with the achievements making it easy to miss. I know it's not complete but it's offers enough content to explore with a buddy.

Overall: While I can't bask in the Nostalgia of these replicated original titles I had a blast playing this game. The story is entertaining enough to be it's own flash movie, the game play is fantastic and just works like a charm. Some may consider this cheating or being unoriginal, but to me Nostalgia was the point of this games and judging by your score Mission accomplished. But whether you grew up with these games or not is hardly the reason why you should play. You should play because it's a fun game!


An old-school Nintendo fanboy's dream...

Lie to you not, if this was put out as a regular game for the NES, I would have bought it. I would've bought it for the same price as a 360 game. This isn't just a parody game... This is a parody with style and just about infinite playability. The medals are creative, the gameplay is solid, to see Urban Champion on here was a laugh for me... Not because of the fact that it's a bad game because it's not, but because the poor little guy could do nothing to Abobo. Fatality? Yes. Just yes. The Quickman stage? Hated that stage when I had first played it on Megaman Anniversary Collection but to see the lasers be different guns(I swear I saw the Zapper) was actually pretty funny and a Terminator reference as well... Why can't you put up 100 stars, Newgrounds? That's what this game deserves. Oh and the hints to get the medals are in-game as well. Even the secret medals. THIS GAME NEEDS TO BE DOWNLOADABLE! D:

Abobo responds:

Download available on our website and it has FULL SCREEN mode!


Fantastic indeed, but I really like to have from you, if you can, a hint for every secret medal, except for "kill the messenger" and the credits watched medal. Please!!
(PM me, plz)

very entertaining

good and funny game. punchout is hardest stage, never were into boxing games.