Reviews for "Abobo's Big Adventure"




welll i love it i love all of it but you should make a another (free with no exchanges)of abobo and aboboy (2 player or solo with a select for both with the wrestle moves win you walk up to them (the humens or a double team move we;er they cant get free unless you fail the match up theres 3 moves for both the first for abobo would be pile driver the cobra and to toss them in the air and slam them down but not really high just above the head and for aboboy would be head to the gut kick to the leg and makes them fall with chokeslam ) and for the double team will be the double chokeslam and kick and then a bodyslam)

Good game

The game is on the perfect line between fun and hard, gameplay was great.

IT'S SO BAD!!!!!

That has got to be the most epic final boss kill EVER!!!!!
Best punch of all history!
I don't care what final bosses you've epicly killed. None of them are as awesome as this.
Mac sees it coming, he knows it's all over...

Fantastic Game

This game is amazing... one of the best online.. the only things I see that are missing is Full Screen and No Jumping in the double dragon part in the beginning... I know.. I'm being nitpicky... Great Game all around

Abobo responds:

Download the standalone PC version from out site for fullscreen mode!