Reviews for "Zombies In Your Backyard"

Fun little game w/ a few flaws

fun little game, full of fast paced button mashing. I would have liked to see move room to dodge, allowing for more strats then stand your ground or back up

Awesome but ...

This game is very fun but I would like more space. i find it difficult in the house because there is a roof and the stairs keep getting in the way.

Definitely a good game

Very nice game. My only issue with it is the lack of space to move around, especially with zombies coming in from both sides that are very difficult to kill, and the very little ammo given to some of the weapons, but hey, maybe I'm just bad at the game XD

I'd rather have zombies in my radio station...

I'm only giving 7 because I've played Radio Zed and this is like a cheap knock off to me. It's a bit too easy, but it's good nonetheless...

Schulles responds:

I have never played or heard of this game before, but thanks anyway.


I got to round 9 and died