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Reviews for "Adventure Story"

Great game

It was a good game, although difficult for me to play as newgrounds someitmes limits the screen to automatically zoomed in, and no way to undo that... so playing with barly able to click what I assume says "back" was a pain in the ass.

Reminds me a lot of

Maplestory :P

Fun game, but I stopped after a while, 'cause platformers aren't really my thing, still a great game tho :)

AWESOME game seriously

but you already knew that with all the great reviews you've been getting. ugh my fingers hurt from trying to beat the first boss.....not sure how to go about doing that but i'll figure it out

Best game ever

Thismy first time playing one of your games and i loved it gonna check out your page at play the rest. Keep up the great work

Never ceases to amaze me.

Your games are the best and they get better as they come out. Keep up the good work and we are all waiting for the next one. ^^