Reviews for "Adventure Story"


Ive enjoyed every single 1 of your games and I thought that you would never continue this game at all, but here I am AMAZED at how awsm this game is and how simple it is at the same time, youve really outdone yourself! BRAVO! Hope there are many more on the way! P.S. The whole cat hugging thing at the end of each lvl is truely epic! great job!


Even if I'm french, I understand easly the game and I very love it :D
play at this game come naturaly ( we say like this? xD )

Great job

I really want to tell you about some bugs or bad sides, but actually, thereis no things like this here.
Game even tells you if it wasn't downloaded properly. Controls, jump controls, mechanics is just like it should be.
Animation and music are also nice, as always in your games, enemies are still cute and soundtrack inspires you every lvl.

Super fun but...

I hit a glitch or bug. After I did the tutorial level, the screen went black and didn't do anything. I refreshed and loaded the game again, and when I went to load, none of the buttons worked. I tried clearing my data and even my cache. Same thing. Any help would be appreciated!

However, I liked what I saw in the tutorial level so much that I don't even care. Excellent work! (I just want to play the rest! :( )


May not have a story, but as design goes, this is an awesome action platformer.

Rarely do i get such an urge to play even after leaving the PC.

It's seems simple but every enemy is well designed, patterns of movement and all that.
Tip :

invest in HEAL and BOOST first! and also have at least a lvl one FREEZE very very useful.
the double attack spell is big damage.

use the stick to regenerate your MP bar amd have decent attack and magic numbers .makes the whole thing A LOT more enjoyable