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Reviews for "Adventure Story"

It's Storytime.

Once upon a time, a mysterious creater named matt-likes-swords came into our world. At first, everyone doubted he would make a difference, but soon he created the brilliant Epic Battle Fantasy. After that, it was just history. He created more and more astonishing RPGs until, one day, he decided to create another risky take. He created the awe-inspiring Bullet Heaven. He was growing to be famous and was at the tip of finishing his newest masterpiece, but first, he submitted this game. This game is AWESOME. You can never get enough of it, and, just like Bullet Heaven, it took the original cast and put them in never before seen precisions. The soundtrack, is once again, marvelous and pleases the ears. The art style is from a completely new view that works and the level designs are worth gazing at. Matt, you've outdone yourself. My only complaint is the controls. They can be fairly wonky at times, but, even at high quality, this game rocks on every computer and laptop. Except one. My new Toshiba laptop CANNOT resist to annoy me on every level. Constantly, the game doesn't save and Matt is running off ledges for no reason. This really is too bad, since I could've seen more of the game if not for a crappy control scheme on my laptop. In a word, Adventure Story is brilliant. It takes everything that made EBF great and completely altered it into something never-before seen. Congrats, Matt. You've astonished us once again.
Final Score: 9.5/10 "Amazing"

This is lovely.

You see, platform and combat is a GREAT mix. It's intense, fun, and you get a satisfied feeling when you explore and battle.

Also, the art was great, animations were smooth, and it was a pure pleasure to play.

I was kinda suspicious at first...

...because I was like "doesn't this guy make RPGs? This is a platformer". But, just like the bullet hell shooter, this turned out fantastically. It's fun, easy to learn, and keeps my attention. Slash monsters, get money.
5 out of 5


Ive enjoyed every single 1 of your games and I thought that you would never continue this game at all, but here I am AMAZED at how awsm this game is and how simple it is at the same time, youve really outdone yourself! BRAVO! Hope there are many more on the way! P.S. The whole cat hugging thing at the end of each lvl is truely epic! great job!


Even if I'm french, I understand easly the game and I very love it :D
play at this game come naturaly ( we say like this? xD )