Reviews for "Infinite"

Damn dude, I'd love to hear you do more downtempo! This is really awesome!
Good luck with NGADM, although if you keep entering stuff as good as this, you'll do fine!

AeronMusic responds:

Yeah, I like to make downtempo stuff! Thank you, Cacola!

This aint disappointing... This is pretty sweet! The atmosphere you create is very cool, funky, and a little spooky :D It only feels a tiny bit drawn out, but this could very well be in a game which only makes it more accaptable.

Really nice work. I think you'll move on to the next round!

Good luck!

AeronMusic responds:

Thanks Mawnz! I am happy to hear I didn't disappoint you with this. :D
I had some other attempts as well and it took long for me to submit... But I chose for this one to finish!

Again another awesome track here. There are so many cool tracks in this competition. Really fun to listen to this. To be honest I´m a big fan of twisted, creepy fun music. Catchy beat and the harmonies for the eerie atmosphere are really nice. I could not find anything bad here. Maybe the main theme was repeated a bit to often but since it´s really cool that didn´t bother me ;) Good luck with that!

AeronMusic responds:

Yeah the main theme is quite repetitive, I tried to change it but the change didn't work so well. So I kept the main theme in the second part. Although, thanks for your nice comment! (:

Awwwww yiss.

This sounds splendid! This would make the dopest Super Meat Boy OST track. (In the best way possible)

5/5 - Would turn into a Vampire and dance the night in my castle to this.

AeronMusic responds:

Ahw thank you very much dude! ^-^
Really glad to hear you liked it!