Reviews for "Infinite"

Oh man, this is some really fun stuff. You're one of the stronger electronic producers in this competition and I'm really glad you put your skills to the test with such a unique yet well-produced experiment. The swing tempo works extremely well, creating a memorable groove and giving this track a lot of character. The composition on top of that swing groove is also very obscure, but at the same time, oddly enticing! I think in terms of composition my main issue is that this gets pretty repetitive. You have a very interesting motif that appears at 0:39 for the first time, but that's all you ever play in the more interesting parts. In the less interesting parts where less is going on, you don't have much to keep the listener interested either (aside from maybe the [also repetitive] piano part at 1:57).

You don't leave much to desire in the production, I'll give you that! Everything is super clear and sounds fantastic, especially at high volumes. The sounds you've used are also top-notch. You use mostly heavy, thick, pad-like synths over light, airy synths, giving the track a somewhat menacing and dark kind of vibe. These contrast greatly with the light, high piano notes, a contrast which I adored. Having said that, perhaps making the piano a little more upfront in the mix would elevate it to a little more than just a vague background element. Your drum sounds are, of course, perfect. Punchy and snappy, precisely how I like them! I actually think you should try creating more complex hat rhythms at times, but otherwise you did a good job.

Very solid stuff. I had a few issues with some volume levels, and I think it did get somewhat repetitive/dull, but otherwise this is an extremely successful experiment!

SCORE: 9.3/10

AeronMusic responds:

Thanks Step for your indepth review! I always love to read any of your reviews, even on other tracks.
You're absolutely right about the repetitiveness. It was hard to make something new in this song that didn't change its theme.
I'm glad people liked the dark vibe. I love to hear and make this type of music.
And yeah, I'm a perfectionist when it comes to music production.
Anyways, I am really happy to hear you liked it!

Whoh. Hecka dark and groovy, I like it a lot! I dunno how I missed it before but my eyes are glued to you now :D Good luck in the deathmatch!

AeronMusic responds:

Thank you dude! Also goodluck! (: Gonna be cool versus you.

ow boy I'm so disappointed in u right now. Cause I have to press that 5 star button again shame on u :(

nee geintje man lekker track en keep it going :)

AeronMusic responds:

Dankjewel, haha. Na al die pogingen kwam ik terug bij deze die ik je niet had laten horen. :(
Sorry. :P

Wow this is fantastic! You NEED to adapt to this style more often, I'd love to see what else you can do with these techniques! Even for an experimental track, this sounds like it would be perfect for some dark castle boss fight. :D

My only issue would probably be repetition. It's like you've gone DeadMau5 style and used the same melodic elements throughout, but kept it alive with the shift in instruments and modulation. However, that's not really a bad thing, I like DeadMau5. I would like to see you try more stuff like this but with more melodic action :D. Maybe some violin fills here and there or perhaps a synth lead solo, anything!

Great work!

AeronMusic responds:

Thank you very much Dutton! It's quite hard for me to stay with one style. Every song I create is different.
Also, I know it's quite repetitive. As I mentioned below, I didn't want to change more.
I shall indeed try to make tracks like this with more melodic action! Hope I will have the time for it.

Thanks again for checking this out! :D

The name is fitting, cause this is the kind of song that plays in a game you just can't put down. Super Meat Boy is a good example, as LunyAlex pointed out! Really great work!

AeronMusic responds:

Thanks man!