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Reviews for "Legend of the Void"


Beat it, wish it was longer!
I put ALL my skills into strength and it started getting annoying how I got their health down to 4 hp although I could just one hit them with 74 damage per hit.
Game got really easy after a while, but was really fun.
My main problem is make the main difficulty a littttleee bit harder. Thanks for a great game!!


dude youre just awesome! but please make chapter 2...many people are counting on you ;)


I love this kind of RPG's! Wish they'd make more...
Can't wait for the 2nd chapter!

all my stars are belong to you

i needed a game like this, i miss them so dearly, you have struck a chord in the heart of this old fashioned turn based rpg gamer, and i thank you, do you guys have a donation site ?

I liked it.

It was a good rpg like game. i was a mage, but more like a Necromancer cuz i stuck 2 most of da necromancy spells. but still, it waz a nice game, cant wait for Chapter 2.