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Reviews for "Age of Shurikens"


This is great! Really detailed and well done!

Need To Upgrade Flash Version

I had the same problem as other people with the movement keys getting stuck and the game was unplayable. I went to the adobe website to download the latest flash version and it fixed the issue.

Overall, the game is extremly well done. Good job.

Awesome work!

You obviously put a lot of effort in this. You did great, this is a good quality game. Good graphics, sounds, and the game system and mechanism is just outstanding.

You deserve a great score and this game deserves a great status here on NG.

However, I just didn't like it. I won't take my personal preferences into account when voting for the game, or course, that would not be fair. But I feel that I must, as a reviewer, share this here. Your game is way too slow and complicated for a flash game. It's really rare that I enjoy a game with this sort of idea (one exception that I could mention is "Last Stand Union City", wich is one of my favorites ever). I think this comes from the fact that your idea is too demanding for a casual player, and even the ones that will take the demand are going to be a little frustraded because of the slow-pace and seemingly complicated system you created.

Again I insist, your game is great, this is an excelent quality job. You are definitely good at this.

Undisputable 5/5 and 10/10. Great work!

Where is zhianliann? Cemetry is a teleport?


First off, I really like this game. I've been playing for a few hours now (I'm level 10) and although the walking speed and combat is a little slow, the game is fun. Often time there is also lag; it's not as though the controls are sticking (as other people said) but more like, there is a delay after you press a key.

For example, when it's lagging I can press [z] a bunch and then my character will continue attacking, even if I no longer have my fingers on the keyboard. Add to the fact that moves can't be canceled, you can get yourself killed quick if you don't understand how the lag works. But once I realized what was going on, you can still enjoy the game.

Anyways I'd still be playing the game now if it wasn't for a game breaking bug. I've protected Lord Qian 2 or 3 times now, and now I can't leave his hut. After I saved him the latest time, he disappeared. There is no exit warp. And because I can't leave the hut I can't continue playing the game. Which is a total buzz kill. Please try to fix it.

coolroy responds:

The controls delay is because you have lag on your computer, the main issue with this game is indeed that it doesn't run well on older/slower computers.

As for the bug, I'll look into that. Thanks.