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Reviews for "Age of Shurikens"

Has issues that made it unplayable

I dont want this be be a bug list, but hopefully this will help others / developer make this better.

The ADs will fail to load in Firefox and the game will stop ("game will continue in 5 seconds" forever).
The quality settings are a good Idea, but if you set to high you need to reload for low to see the performance inprovement.
The directions can sometime stick (i.e. tap left and you might keep going left).
Overall it looks like a huige ammount of effort, but after 10 min of trying to diagnose what was going on, I'm sorry but, I gave up.

Programming: Off hand I think the problem is code being inside enter frame that should be linked constantly loaded. Holding the directions works better (i.e. more than one frame), where tapping can often result in failure.

My computer isn't great (5.9 Windows Rating), but this game has too many issue to be enjoyable for me. Still, I think than many could fing it good, hence the 5/10.

Keep it up.

Same problem as below.

I'm having the same problem saving as well during the tutoral, regardless of the fact the save data is still obviously there. "Click here to fix the problem" doesn't work.

Not quite as good...

If you told me this was a game for game jam... I could belive you if it wasn't for the good graphics, which actually also slowed the game to the point, were it was snail's pace. But here I mentioned the first plus: the graphics are quite good.

Next point - the music. It's okay, but gets quite repetetive. The rest of the audio - fight sounds, coins tingling when you buy something - it does fit in.

However, that's it for the good stuff. The most alarming issue is performance. I really appreciate you made graphic change options, but even they don't help. I can assure, I've got a computer that could at least keep World of Warcraft running on more fpses than some moments in here. Yes, I've noticed the Firefox issue - yet still, the game is slow even on diffrent browsers.

Then, there comes original concept and mechanics of a RPG - it's somewhat bad, since most characters lack mana, and your points go waste or you keep them for nothing.

Combine this with gameplay - not only your skills are lacking productivity, but also the difficulty is quite big. Take some ninjas/guards that ravish you as you play melee as an example. Some clases are really bad (soul hunter), while some are quite up to the level of monsters; you can play fine with them. (sage)

It was fun to play, but it gets boring quite soon. If I were you, I'd look at games like Sonny, Murloc RPG - turn based RPGs, rathen than live-action ones. They tend to be made easier in terms of dealing with bugs (the gameplay doesn't bug because of animations) and balancing.

I am at a loss..

laggy but awesome update the game with multiplayer for fun sake! :D