Reviews for "Zelda: Windmill"

beauty... what you did to this song i mean.

Legend of Zelda music has always been a favorite of mine... i listen to it when i can i especially like the remixes though since they add individuality. i too, have heard this song remixed many times but you have done a beautiful job, and for that, bravo!


I once just stood in the windmill for an hour listening to this song...

Dang couldnt have made it any better...

You know usually i go for the originals but this seems really relaxing.....dont worry i ain t givin you crap about this song and i just gotta say Nintendo could really use a person like you to make REALLY good music.What you did with this song.....priceless.....beautiful.....
..keep on goin on and good luck

ima let this loop for a while XD

so relaxing...so soothing....great job, my friend....thats how zelda should be done.

More amazing music

So many people do good song of storms remixes, and yours is amazing.