Reviews for "Zelda: Windmill"

omg :O

this song spoke to meeh!!! wtf? 10 starz biiig time

Best version ever

Yes, this must be the best version ever done of this song. Amazing.

Love Zelda, Love Song

I've played all the Zeldas, and I must say, they had something magical about most of the music. I love what you have done with the song, and I find myself chilling out to this song daily. Good job!

flutes tuh


Great... Heard it before.

Don't get me wrong... This is by far the best "simplistic" rendition of the windmill song i've heard... but it's a popular song to remix. I'm actually quite sure i've heard someone else do something that sounds kinda similar to this somewhere...

Nevertheless, it was good, so i don't begrudge you too many points.