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Reviews for "A Shiny Minecraft tale"

Easter Eggs:


Helmet: Beginning in the cave
Shovel: When the creeper meets the player in the inventory
Pickaxe: When the player comes to attack the mobs, it will be next to him
Sword: When the player is training
Axe: Looks like a battleaxe and is held by a mob when the player begins to attack
Diamond: A hidden one behind the player when the creeper blows up
Diamond: During the player's training, a diamond will be in a tree (top-right)
Diamond: At the end, (bottom right) a diamond will be next to a skeleton

Good luck!


How can I earn this medals here ? That isn't your fool, I like this movie


Hold the tab and you can see the diamonds to click it


I like how there was a challenge while you were watching. Good Job!


Feel really bad for him

But i also made the same mistake...
Very amazing animation! i enjoyed every moment and the music fit rather nicely.