Reviews for "A Shiny Minecraft tale"

very interesting minecraft MV

Very nice interpretation of the average MC player on the hunt for diamonds.

Little hint to getting easter eggs, simutaniously press TAB and SPACE to grab all in one watch.

Funny Video

This is good and accurate video to people who saw lapis lazuel and worked forever for it and get disappointed at the end.

Favorite moment: (Caution, SPOILER ALERT)

Enderman: (headstrike) NOOOOOoooo...
Spider: *after landing on player* YES YES YES!
Spider: *KIlled* Arrrgh, you ungrateful bas-

LOL! I wish spider do that in the real game as a way to grab the player like real spider do with their prey but without annoying web.


i found it sad at the end lol kind of like a movie good job


Great animation, really made me laugh!

i think that spider was humping him LOL!