Reviews for "For the last time"


Blew me away! Genius! You have no idea how good that sounded on surround sound! Wow!
Make more gold tracks.
A masterpeice!

madboss responds:

Hehe... I'd love top make tons pf gold-tracks but it's not only depends on me. Of course I try to give my best in every submission.

In surround sound?! Wow... I have only a 2.1 speaker system... so yeah I really don't have any idea how it'd work. But I'm happy to hear that works well:)

Thanks for the nice comment!

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I loved this song. Its one of those tracks that when you listen to it, it just feals epic. Having that is something that can ascend your song over other songs. It almost seamed like you had a whole orchestra in on this. Thats how good it was. And how can you not like that little story you crammed into one tiny line. Priceless.

Truly a great song. A masterpiece.

This is one of the greatest songs I have ever heard. I could feel myself getting goosebumps listening to it. It's a great song, very beautiful. It sounds like the kind of music that would make a great intro to a movie.
I loved it! Great song, can't say it enough!


I really enjoyed this song


Id like to use this for my production (a pantomime) - for an intense 'hero/adventure' scene- to a paying audience.
Do I have your permission? :)
If so- what name shall I give the credit to? 'Madboss'?