Reviews for "For the last time"


This is a masterpiece, just perfect. You couldn't have done this on a comoputer, this is mind blowing.

madboss responds:

Well I DO did this stuff on computer and I don't think this is a masterpiece but I'm happy that you like it and enjoyed it. Thanks!

1 moment.

Wait 1 second, gotta whipe away this tear.
Done, it's beautifull. It really gives you the feeling it's just one last time.
'A' material.
The clarity, the drums were sometimes too loud somehow, very odd, my speakers are now in a coma, lol.

madboss responds:

Oh,... sorry for your speakers. I just wanted to make a banging track not a "speaker-killer" - but besides the joke I know that the drums are too loud and the clarity is not the best because of this.

But I'm happy that you liked it! Thanks for the 'A' rating, your points and the review!


I must say, for a few months there, I have been in a slum in writing. However, after chancing by this song, I've been inspired to write once again. This song gave me such a clear image. This would be perfect for an opening cut-scene or a trailer perhaps.

I picture a cloaked warrior walking in the rain. Thunder strikes and you can see him grasping his sword. Then, raising it in the air, he vows to fight once again in order to protect those he needs. Then, as it settles the first time about, I can see him dorning his armor, scene by scene the audience can watch as this veteran warrior re-arms himself for battle.


madboss responds:

Well thanks a lot! Your images are great and epic. I'm happy that my song could generate such images in you. I'm glad I could inspire you.

Thanks for your review!

Touching and Inspiring!

10/10 5/5
Easily got it. =)

Must be a bit' clearer, I believe I heard some white noise in some parts.

Other than that, beautiful music.
<3 Classical


it's just amazing i mean this song is pure epic and one of the best songs i have ever heard