Reviews for "Orpheus"

Great love story, great game

Short but sweet. Kinda gloomy but deep. Love the sound, the simplicity, and the fact that even though is short the note deciphering makes it very interesting.

Keep it up!


'nuff said.

Excellent game

Truly captivating, for sure.

One question, though. When I see the ending, right when Eurydice stops at the exit of the cave and the two lovers stare at each other for a bit, something seems to pop up on the screen for like, one frame, and then I get kicked back out to the title screen.

Possible glitch? Look into it, alright?

Doesn't change the fact that the game is amazing.

A fantastic game

What a great game. I love the visuals and the music is the best.

FinnianMillour responds:

Thanks =)

beautiful game

The game has everything : graphics, music, sort-of new gameplay... The only problem is that it's too short. I would really enjoy laying more of this.

FinnianMillour responds:

Thanks for your feedback!

We deliberately designed the game to be easily expanded, but unfortunately our eight week deadline meant that (this verson at least) had to be quite short.