Reviews for "Orpheus"

Wow! What an excellent game!
The mechanic is perfect! Story wasn't original but it works, the music could have been more elaborate and could have worked as more than passwords, but it is pretty good! The art style is brilliant and I feel that it could have been better with more time for expansion.

Just great! Maybe the next game can jump out from the confines of the mythology and expand the functionality of the music, such as playing a triad to pacify/destroy enemy, play a minor to summon enemy and other things as such.

I can't figure out how to get passed the sad queen but other then that I really like the game. its biffrent and I like it

I like how the gameplay is based off playing music

Truly beautiful story, everything in the game is amazing, good control, graphic and desing are perfect...10 stars..

Cool game

Very true to the story. John12346, the ending is the same as the original story; Orpheus needed to know whether Hades cheated him out of his wife (he wasn't supposed to look at her until they got home) so he turned around and saw her. But because he broke the deal, she went back to the underworld. Very sad ending.