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Reviews for "Drink the Milk"

The game is CRAP! I am sorry to say that but the game was so short and simple.If you added some action and stuff,then I would have given your game 5 stars. :( :( :(

ACFan120onNewgrounds responds:

. . . it's a game about drinking a flippin' cup of milk. What, do you want me to Michael-Bay it up with explosions and stupid stuff like that?

What is this Milkosaur and Water Temple thing abou

...t? Seriously, what?

ACFan120onNewgrounds responds:

You know too much...

great job

it was a challenge to beat the legendary milkosaur and get the super milk and beat the 50 level game


dude this is the best game evar took me a while to finish the water tempal part >>

ACFan120onNewgrounds responds:

Cheater! I specifically made it so that no one could could get to that part without first teabagging the magical elf on top of the white house! But in order to do that, you had to have entered the secret code that's only found through the game's coding!


It was fun c: but extremely easy and short. 8pts for the entertainment :D