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Reviews for "Drink the Milk"


And one of my inspirations once again impresses with a short, humorous game. I was hoping for a New Game + where it was chocolate milk though. :U

But naw, this was awesome.


Once again, ACFAN120, you amuse me.

This is hilarious and has a somehow original and fun concept. Most importantly, however, it's fun to play.

Everyone's probably going to complain about how it's incredibly quick and there;s only one level, which is understandable. However, you can easily fix this by making the very first level INSANELY HARD TO BEAT, which will probably add even more to the humor.

I would suggest tweaking the variables of the timers just a tad bit, try to make it super hard yet still slightly possible if you're really good. That would make this a perfect time-passing game in my book.

ACFan120onNewgrounds responds:

I was thinking of changing it to something like that, but then I remembered how much I hated games like that. Plus, I'd have to add something really awesome at the end to make it worth it. I might make another one where you have to compete in a contest against other people, but I won't promise anything.


Nothing wrong with it! I find it fun. I must have replayed three times now...

Actually pretty funny.

Considering how short and simple it was.


I DRUNK THE MILK!! AFTER FAILING 27 TIIMES!!! (jk but funny game man)