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Reviews for "MLP: Pinkie's Cupcakes"

A fine work

4 for ambition.
3 for details.
1 for a serious attempt to bring to animation the most notorious story in MLP fan-fiction history.
1 for This is Halloween.
My main gripes where specificly for the song had nothing to do with "Cupcakes", the FPS got pretty dragy from time to time specificly when the file became loaded with details
... and I got quite squimish from time to time but that's more of a compliment in this case.
Like I said it quite an ambition project with a fine resolt.


It would be nice if the video worked. . .


This was OK. The animation was not very smooth but still impressed me. I have to say, the music choice was a bad idea. Nightmare before christmas and Cupcakes don't really mix well. Although i will admit it doesn't really butcher this that much. The feeling of horror was grim at times, but not GRIMDARK AS FU*K. Overall this was a decent flash.

WHAT DID I JUST WATCH HERE?????!!!!! this is sad because rainbow dash is dying at least it aint fluttershy why cant it be some pony who dont belong in that generation? can someone answer that ???? please?

god i could smell the death but decent interpretation