Reviews for "Lab of the Dead"

I killed my four hour with this today!
Let me tell you something about Evil-Dog.

This guy.. This guy mades masterpieces. At my childhood i met Newgrounds.com beacuse of the games that Evil-Dog maked.
This bad m*f* does the greatest games, games that never olds.
And he uses really ''good content'' (now in our days even big budget games can't do that anymore)

But let me tell you something too about EVIL-DOG

This man always makes tons of Medals for the games he develop
So guys like me sitting for hours to get all the medals until my hearth starts to hurt!

Thanks Evil-Dog!

What can I say...I liked it! It was fun to see what kind of reactions you could provoke, although it was annoying at times to have to switch back and forth between passive, neutral and aggressive zombie or having to change how hungry/full they are...but that's just part of the game (and also a reason it took me a few hours to complete)
The ending was fine as well, at least I felt satisfied. Getting all medals wasn't impossible to do either, so I'm happy about that.

After YEARS of playing the saga, I came back to replay them all. And just NOW I found out that Allan is related to John...WOW. (Protagonist of "Lab of The Dead": Dr. Allan CREASMAN Tyler, Protagonist of "Road of The Dead": John CREASMAN. Never realized that. :o)


Completed this about 4 times now, though obviously over the years. I just love the researching, the experiments, the miserable nature of it all and... Well, if you've completed the game, you know the ending. I very much enjoyed the ending. Also, while on the subject, my advice is to leave the Advanced Action of the very last item you receive (if you've completed the game, you know which that is. No spoilers from me) till last. Just don't do it till you've done everything else. It adds a nice "What if?" to the ending.

But yeah, I love this game. It's so dark and science-y and gruesome. Can't say I've ever not enjoyed it, even during the early game grind. 5/5, would ask my violently disfigured, tortured-beyond-all-belief zombie to hold a pinless grenade for me again. Seriously, I would, it's hysterical fun!

Evil-Dog responds:

Such a cool review :D thanks man :)