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Reviews for "Epic War 5"




IVE BEEN WAITING FOREVER FOR THIS GAME!!!!! im doing a live review right now, so ill type as i play and say what's on my mind.... starting up right now..... ok, ive looked at the gooey sufaces like the upgrade menu and its so complicated! i love it! im gonna have to learn it fast if i wanna be able to beat this game.... i just paused the game and theres a game speed multiplier! nice..... ive also chosen the second hero, the queen, graphics arent exactly what i expected but its ok.... i finally seen my heroes attack, very epic, i like it a lot, its very powerful and smooth.... ive gotten a copper sword for my basic melee units, a nice feature for the units to make them more powerful.... ive also gotten a new "minion" whatever theyre called, elf hunter, im pretty sure ill be pleased with this character.... theres a tower in the way, i wonder if therell be more like them more powerful.... i like how my hero has an occasional "war cry" im wondering if this is a critical hit? i dont know, because the war cry is at a steady pace, but maybe the critical hits are too.... ive added my first upgrad th the elf warrior, the other 2 units i have, im saving up for a population incrase and max damage increase, ive also gotten a new warrior "elderly wizard" as like every other new unit im prety sure ill be happy with it :).... im on the third level, and i see that theres a rain effect, very nice, but im wondering if itll cause any lag like in the other games.... i just found out that my units can be poisoned or caught on fire, a very nice twist to all of the epic wars that will need new strategy.... well, im pretty sure this is long enough, ill stop here, the strategy for this game is pretty simple, no need to worry about some sort of epic war 3 super attack on you good luck, and may your war be epic!!!!

Been loving this game!

This is great :D one tip for people stuck on the colossus. Upgrade your iron fortress till you get the "build attack tower" option. Then equip it as on of you're units, the Colossus' weakness is magic so have at least one withc and make sure you have spam units to help delay movements. When he starts moving put the attack tower between his legs and he'll try to pound it with his attack but he's so large he won't be able to hit it. This will buy you some time, keep spawning more and more though since the units behind it will try and destroy the tower. Eventually (in about 10 mins depending on your units) he will die. The best advantage of the map is that it's huge so you can keep doing this till he dies.

very nice indeed!!

just some of the later lvls are kinda um.................HARD AS FUCK!! but i do enjoy a good challenge good job =D

art and music perfect combination

is hard and so slow cuz i use windonws 98 dont ask why,but the art is the best part awesome a like the units and skills (some units suck)

tip :all ways send the units the no hero