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Reviews for "Epic War 5"

Thank you for giving a 3x game speed multiplier. I played through the entire game except trials. No time for such hard levels. (also got bored)

this one is a blast! the units are fun to toy around, the missions are tough, and sometimes you gotta have a plan, played it much too

This game is amazing, I've played more than 10 times. It never gets me bored.
While you are getting to the end boss with the catchy bgm.

epic war 5 i finished this game around 3 times and every time i finished it i never felt bored.This game is amazing in every way but it is very easy to cheese this game you can basically not use any strategies for all of the levels except the trial stages by just waiting a bit then sending all of your units and waiting for the level to end. But other than that its a very very good game

Great game except you canĀ“t save...