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Reviews for "Lazy Writing 2"

Guys he's on to us, GO GO GO!

Lol, what?

What is this compared to all lazy writing...

I have to say, I was really impressed with the sarcastic humor and the straight stupidity this cartoon short shows. Pretty nice, for a lazy script. I would show it to others as well.

Who am I kidding?

This is a real work of comedy. This is "The Bomb". Its a fascination of both straightforwardness and acts of uncommon sense. Really amazing storyline, regardless the title being "Lazy Writing 2". A humungous piece of creative work along with fantastic voices, in just four days? This is very great and well put, and you sir are a very great animator. I wish to see more of your works, as I have already seen a lot from you. I WATCHED THIS 24 TIMES IN 4 HOURS. IM BECOMING AN INSOMNIAC.

10/10, 5/5

(On a further note, my brother thought it wasn't too shabby. I slapped him :))


LazyMuffin responds:

Thank you. Please slap the rest of your family as well.

Oh dear me.

Please, take it from someone who knows better now, do not try to drink anything while watching this. almost choked to death.

Animation and sound and blah blah, all great, same as last time, but that was like 1100 times funnier. I haven't laughed that hard in weeks.

Truly entertaining. Brightened my day. Thanks for this :)

Holy crap that was great! LAWL.

Probably my favourite lazy writing