Reviews for "Lazy Writing 2"

Short and sweet, but still awesome.

This is the kind of stuff that I love to see from you. Some simple, funny animation with a crazy plot. The jokes here were great and your voice (What's wrong STU-DENT) never gets old to me. I can already see myself quoting this to death.

Excellent work Yotam.

LazyMuffin responds:

I'm glad I've made you proud.


lol That was unexpected =P Shock funny...

Too awesome

This is one of the sweetest things you have made, because you have no idea where it's heading. I was afraid the teacher was going to kill the boy thinking he was a frog. Well, he WAS a frog, or rather, he was a bunch of frogs. It's non-sequitor stuff like this that makes me love you so much. It's hilarious to think of how you'd have to even have to shoot a frog a lot of times to kill it. It was short, but worth every second.

I love the artwork in this and how ridiculous the characters look. This wasn't lazy writng if that's what you were trying to say, this was brilliant writing. The voice work is fantastic and you know just the perfect way to create tension and silliness in voices. You're truly a credit to all flash makers. Everything is just so ridiculous to the point where it can only get more absurd from the beginning. You will never stop being awesome, friend!

Frog clit.


I hate frogs

.........who doesn't :) Great flash!