Reviews for "The Star Song"

Nope. Just.. Nope.

I've given you 5 stars for the animation. I've tried to focus on the animation and not the song, but that's impossible. I can see which style your going for - It's cool, but I'm just not fond of that animation.
There's a lot of effort here - sadly enough It's effort wasted on this song.

The song is really terrible, there's no feeling to it and whoever sang it can't pronounce a word without embarrasing me for listening.

I feel bad for lowering this but I couldn't live with myself if I didn't. Whoever sang this should be thrown in Jail.


not the best

from a musicians perspective.

animation: nothing more but okay.
story: cute but nothing original
intrumental: hollywood-boring
song: im sorry but, not suited for singing. needs alot more feel or strength to be able to sing. If you really want to keep singing, go to a pro and actually learn how to do it.

Super mario galaxy

Not Sure if it was intentional but it seems this was a complete ripoff of Super Mario Galaxy Rosalina's Storybook. I liked the video but low points for not being original.

erm...kill me now.

the one star is for the slight errection i got from this ;) other than that... what is this gay little song?

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