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Reviews for "Peach's Peach"

pretty good

pretty good loop


great video

Erotic, I'll give it that.

I didn't expect that you would do any more Princess Peach hentai regardless of which account you use or how overused Mario is on this site. On the other hand, Princess Peach always makes for great hentai as long as it's well drawn and animated.

Animation: It's really smooth and the basic silhouette was well animated for the most part. However, I do agree with Fuyumi Aya that the line work & highlights are very inconsistent, along with the breast physics. Plus, why is her pussy flesh colored and her crown gems not colored in? If you have the time, I suggest that you fix those flaws. On the other hand, the background is rather nice.
Sound: Nice use of Kurotoko's Porno Joe and I'm glad that he approves of it.
Content: It may be arousing, but the problem is that it's just a loop with one position. Having more sex positions (Doggy Style, Straddle), Angles (Side, upshot), different holes getting penetrated (Oral and anal), fetishes (Female Ejaculation, Pregnant, and gangbang), and women getting fucked(Princess Daisy and Rosalina).

What I liked:
-Mostly well animated at the basic shape level
-Nice Music
-Good color selection

What I didn't like:
-Inconsistent line work and highlights
-Her crown and pussy could have been colored in.
-Needs more content
-Overused subject, then again, Princess Peach hentai never gets old to me.

Overall: Here's a seven from me, and I still like your stuff on all four or so of your accounts.


Thanks for giving my song some exposure bro! :D

pretty good

id have to say the sounds and quality id still say that it requires more finesse in the art but overall not bad