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Reviews for "Peach's Peach"

hey this got a beat im white n yea i gotta rap btw patrooonn is da shit just guzzeled a fuckin big bottle im outie

uh uh uh uh oh yeah smashin bros. im ready 2 spit not swallow talkin 2 m or l u no wats good in da shroom kingdom

uh fuck it right lets ago so tight nice n ripe princess peach gets fucked rite
mario bros. gangbang brothers M n L go hard 2 hard 3 way
princess peach such a slut cant wait to get bowser 2 nut then she stick the spike up da butt uh rite
uh rite lets ago yea
mario hit it n quite it but wen u hit smash it lyk a hammerbro go in show her whos the older bro. uh lugi not be seen bangin dasiy feelin so lazy eat a shroom see scray colors lyk he n mario smash a yoshi oh please go mario brozzzzzzzzzzz. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so good
yea yea yea oh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
so tight yet so ripe bangin bro. aint no homo fuck the three some unless both princess are invited bingo ohhoho mario bros. eat shroom start as plummers end up as the smashing bro.s brawl
rawdog style only bros. fuckin a bitch with no shroom on da head mario goes no homo bitch i saved u rite time 2 eat a star ecasy is so baby see the colors fell the rythem get rite 2 the jizzem
MARIO: oh shit lugi we need 2 get the fuck out of here
LUGIE: no shit
PEACH N DASIY: were the fuck u 2 goin
MARIO: oh ok peach the baby it aint mine i had a condom
PEACH: no u didnt u ate 35 mushrooms 25 fire flowers n 5 stars oh n its on video
LUGIE: oh snap thats y ur the oldest n niceses smashin bro. hahaha ur fucked welll later
DASIY:were u goin-
LUGIE: shut up bitch im ganstar bitch
DASIY: but the baby
LUGIE: thats why their is a thing called daycare later bitch
MARIO: lets a get da fuck out of here
(mario n lugie hall ass out of town) end


So hot! 5 âTM¥

loop keeps you going. I'll give you a 4 :)

I'm giving you a 5 star rating because this is HOT and the animation is so good! It looks so clean, the animation alone is enough to get you going, the loop just helps you along ;)