Reviews for "The Last Stand Union City"

A must play!

Very good zombie rpg.


yeah its a good game but when i get attacked and start clickin away my mouse goes all nuts and i cant control my guy. Its like im glitchin??? maybe its my flash idk i havent since if its because i didnt update flash, anyways it was a good game i really like it but i wish it was more fun if my crosshairs wasnt all fucked up?(Mad) lol


just looked at my clock and spend 3 hours on it :o! its an amazing game, with a good story line :)


Great game, ive always been a big fan of looting so i just wish you could sell or do something more useful with all the junk but other than that just dont want this game to end!

This Will Take Me DAYS!!!!

So Many Aspects To The Game, So much better than the last one, and i loved the last one