Reviews for "The Last Stand Union City"


Oh shit, that "floor breaking" thing scared the crap outta me xD

Awesome game, I was expecting something like the previous games, but this is cool too. Hope you make more games from this series (more of this type and the "tower defense" like game too).
Thanks :D

Thanks bro

Awsome i send you a pm today for you to upload this game you are awsome


All of your the Last Stand Series are amazing, but this one is the best of em all. This game gives off a great gaming experience a player/gamer must have. It's so epic how the flow of the game is. There are features that the other two Last Stand games haven't and it's so FANTASTIC! A very interesting chemistry of class and character build with the strategic way of surviving because of limited elements in the game such as the backpack. Not always, the player must be spoon feed with the items. Lincoln hair ftw btw.

Overall. So AWESOME!

Holy Swiss cheese BATMAN

This game is great, everything anyone would want from a zombie survival game is in here. You really outdid yourself with the story and animation this time around Con Artist. The Ambient music gives the game an eerie feel while you walk around in the shoes of someone trying to figure out just wtf is happening. The searching an customization is akin to that of Dead Frontier but simplified to an all around better experience. I shall be playing this game many times over much like the other great games you shell out. Kudos sir you have made my day : )


Its finally here. This game is awesome. I talk like Fallout3 + the first Last stand awesome!