Reviews for "Zombocalypse"

nice ;3

i love zombie games for me 10/10

Its good, a sequel with improvements = fp again

Addictive simple gameplay that gets boring after a while (as with many good newgrounds games). You could add more weapons, new levels more story etc, and fix the bugs many users have pointed out. If you keep getting miniguns and rifles you can survive indefinitely, and it gets boring before too long. Don't know what you could do to remedy this, except expand the game somehow.

really liked this game

as above :D ( sorry the not so specific feed back ) :D


It was a fun game, but the mini gun has issues. It is a good weapon but makes you so slow that if you pick it up with a zombie close you struggle to get him off of you.

great game two big problems

if u use the minigun and a quick zombie gets near u u cant shoot it and u have to find a new gun or ur screwed also the flamethrower is not available most of the time only when u dont need it b4 the 100 zombie mark aside from that it fine