Reviews for "Crystal Story"


I enjoyed this...it reminded me of the 1st final fantasy..enjoying the nostalgia



this game's good but wouldn't be the best RPG iv'e played on NG and would rather play epic battle fantasy 3 thats a bit better

you could use a different battle system

all the enemies just stay still (in battle) and looks a bit boring

overall it's a great game but could be better,if you read this thank you for your time

Needs an autosave

I seriously love this game. I got everyone to lvl 15, checked on another tab, and when I meant to come back to this one, I accidentally closed out of it. I came back later to find I never hit the save button, thinking there was an auto-save feature. 9/10 without it, 10/10 if it had it. still 5/5, because this game is wicked awesome


Absolutely delightful Flash RPG. Was incredibly impressed with the surprises that this game contained.

The character designs are flawless, with each member of your party taking on one of the a-typical RGP personalities, the misunderstood villain, everybody with their ulterior motives, the strong silent type, the slightly annoying whiny type, the lover boy and the battle obsessed freak, its brilliant.

I also really enjoyed the character customization. Having the ability to choose which class you want your character to become accustomed too, rather than having a predefined character that you have no control over, is a fantastic feature for any RPG. Also being given the option of completely resetting your character in order to go down a different profession path is brilliant, nothing is set in stone here.

The graphics are splendid, the variety of monsters you face are great and the boss battles are actually quite challenging at times.

In short it's one of THE greatest Flash games I have ever played. Period.

However, there are a few things i would like to comment on;

- The Treasure chests should NOT reappear once you have opened them. It is very, very, very easy to farm equips/gold in the dungeons by repeatedly switching between 2 already visited screens and just waiting for the Chests to respawn. You can do this for a solid 10 minutes and encounter a huge number of chests and gain far too much gold far too early in the game.

- The potions are too cheap. By the time i was Lv5 i was able to stock up on 100's of potions which meant dungeon crawling and boss fights lost all their challenge because I had a virtually unlimited supply of Potions and Ethers in my inventory. When you add the low prices together with the constantly respawning Treasure Chests, you can literally flood your entire game with far more potions than you will ever need.

- The shop becomes obsolete VERY quickly in the game. By the time you hit Lv7+ you start to realise that the Armory is the only thing you need. Constantly upgrading your current equipment is far more efficient than buying new equipment in the shop. There really is no need to purchase anything other than potions.

- One thing that ALWAYS annoys me about RPG's, is the never changing look of the main characters. I appreciate that asking you to generate a new image for every single new weapon equipped would be a huge task to take on, but even something simple like the colour's of the swords/spears etc on the characters changing colour in battle depending on what you have equipped, would be nice.
It's quite disheartening to see that a Lvl 50 Ultimate Beheading Twin Death Blade of Extinction looks exactly the same as a Lvl 1 Short Sword on the battle screen.

They are small points though, they do not break the game or diminish the fun that you can have on this adventure, they are merely things that one realises after spending far too many years playing RPG's.

Fantastic job. Look forward to a sequel/more like this/


Pase 8 horas jugando este epico juego +10 :D