Reviews for "Crystal Story"

Awesome game!

I love it a lot, but one thing I think would be great to add would be the option of upgrading weapons you have in your inventory too--not just the ones your characters have equipped.


The only thing I'd make in a sequel or update is a "run" option in battles. Sorry if the guy below me already said that.

Some major flaws, but enjoyable

A good RPG, but far from being great.
The music is excellent, nothing to say about it. The design too is superb for this kind of game. Minimalistic yet striking, a good choice indeed.

There are however some MAJOR flaws that ruin the experience:
1) Blinding enemies is totally useless. Special moves still work with 100% accuracy, and blinding monsters only ensures that they will constantly spam their AOE moves that still retain 100/100 accuracy. On the other hand, blinding one of your party means it will be nothing but a sack of potatoes till you dispel the effect. Since the Silence move is useless on bosses and most mobs with AOE special moves, the "Blind" effect is to be considered BROKEN.

2)Accuracy means nothing in this game. There are no ways of predicting what kind of results you will get from a higher level of accuracy, since it seems that past 25-30 points you will still get a Miss every few attacks. On the other hand, enemies enjoy 90/95% accuracy on all of their attacks. A bit unfair, don't you think?

3)Almost all bosses are immune to even the earliest special moves. It consequently makes leveling quite frustrating, since you will already know that half your moves will be useless in the moment of need. I would suggest patching the game in order to give every boss a specific weakness in terms of poison/blind/silence/etc.

4)Saving and leaving the game while in a dungeon will, if you reload the page, take you back to the town for free. There is then NO meaning to the scroll that teleports you back to the Inn, since the dungeon will still reset if you haven't discovered the floor's map. I would suggest patching the game in order to force the partially discovered floor to remain the same IF you use the scroll, and change only if you "cheat" by reloading the page.

Since these are all major bugs (and the Blind thing is a true game-breaking bug, since it makes fights not stimulating, but FRUSTRATING), I feel that 6 is mroe than enough.
If correctly patched, the game will become a little gem.


Every signle ding dong time i click new game it lights up then BOOM does nothing D: Credits and More Games Work please fix this

Lan14n responds:

Hmm... I thought i fixed this... I really do not know what is causing it. Basically the new game calls for an initializing of variables, destroyes the menu, and runs the cutscene that transitions to the town menu. I'm pretty stumped. More information would really help a lot. Thanks.


I enjoyed this...it reminded me of the 1st final fantasy..enjoying the nostalgia