Reviews for "Prelude/Chambered Flash"

Nice game

i think it was a very nice game,you need some sort of "strategy" to make everything,to move around and all.anyway,it was nice,

Zanzlanz responds:

It does seem a bit incomplete, I agree - it needs "something." Thank you!

Good job, here are some ideas to help.

I thought your game was amazing, the hand-eye coordination of it though, was tough to deal with. If you could add a "zoom out" button, that would act as a map, making the character stop. Also, adding a mute button never hurts, aswell as the choice to pause the game, and if you are going to make a longer game: then a save and menu button would be neccesary. Also, I know how to solve the problem of the slipping in and out of the barrier rocks- you can expand that "0" space where you cannot walk through by 2 millimeters or so, or just simpy make the edges of the "0" space curved, if your flash maker allows you to. Otherwise, this game was great because of its simplicity, maze interactiveness, and alot less glitching than platformers. The movement of the character was attatched to the view, which was what I didn't like. But anyway, this game was truthfully amazing ;D -Votes 4.

Zanzlanz responds:

Wow thank you so much!
I didn't make it with any game maker though. I like the map idea a bit, but that would be a lot of work.
Yes I could fix the random slip. The block size is 100, so I'd do a hit radius of 101 :)
I don't see the point in pausing though, but I could add save/load if I add more.

Thank you for the good ratings! :D

nice and easy

This is very nice for a short time of wasting time. I liked the plain style.
You could include button switching for different keyboard layouts and you should defininety kill those nasty glitches, where you can slip by a rock, but not get back.

Zanzlanz responds:

Hm, I'm not sure why those do that still :/


Nice but your right it does get boring..

Zanzlanz responds:

Haha I shall work harder to make less boring games ^^