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Reviews for "Toys Vs Nightmares"

I liked it :S

Very fun and addicting, but it looks a tad much like PvZ. Even though, I never saw a game like PvZ until now. And those who are complaining its a COMPLETE rip-off of PvZ, its not. Xplored added some of his own elements. If it was a complete rip, why would it be on the first page, daily featured?

Really fun game who enjoys the same style like PvZ.

4/5 ........ 9/10

Great game!!

Well done! Very entertaining and almost addictive! However I can't quite give it a perfect 5/5 or 10/10 because the game is rather unbalanced. I don't even mind the fact that the enemies literally start pouring on the play area but just that certain enemies are only affected by a few specific attacks from even fewer toys--ghostly types are especially notorious for this--is incredibly frustrating. But that flaw doesn't become apparent until the later levels which for me were levels 10 and beyond. I got stuck at level 13, ironically enough, due to this.

Keep up the good work and give more thought to balance in your games! 8/10 stars, 4/5 points to you.

Xplored responds:

When I personally tested and passed last levels (also quite easily at Nightmare difficulty), I used:
8 Slots unlocked:
Illustrated Book, Slime Catapult, Miner, Double Dino, Smart Alien, Kamikaze Bear, Baby Boom, Toy Car (or DollHouse, as you prefer based on your strategy)
Column 1, 6 Illustrated Books
Column 2, 6 Slime Catapults (upgrade to buy)
Column 3, 6 Miners
Column 4, 6 Double Dino (against Skeletons)
Column 8, all Kamikaze bears you can.
If you are able to well balance your fantasy you could be able to place even 2 Smart Alien (positioned in lines 2 and 5 they shoot on all 6 lines!).
Then BabyBoom and Toy car (or DOllhouse) at need.

Each one of our developer team has his own personal different strategy (and I'm not the most hardcore gamer here!)
What I can grant is that I passed level 13 and 14 as above suggested ;)
Try and have fun!
Xplored CEO


I main problem with it is that it seems to take way too long to receive your Fantasy. Even by rapidly clicking on the books, when I had enough to buy a block man or a robot, I had enemies on three lanes and not able to get defenders out to stop them.

Xplored responds:

It's a strategy game.
Trust me, it's balanced and can be quite easily completed. Try to place 6 books asap (suggested the illustrated book) and to better understand which toy is the best against each monster (or genre of enemy).
You'll beat it even at Nightmare mode, level 14 ;-)


Fantastic idea. I agree with the the guy below, in that it needs to be a little more original from PvZ, and you could of expanded the idea more. But it's still heaps of fun.

Xplored responds:

Thanks to the good success we seriously think to expand the ideas on a sequel.
Thanks for the 9.

Good, but...

Well, not much to say. Nice story, clearly a tribute to PvZ, but to much of an identical game... You should have dug the concept farther and try some totally new stuff.

what about defending from more than one side? Idk i,m a bit tired to get some cool stuff out of my head now, but you could have made better i term of gameplay.

This game is nice, nevertheless...

Ppl are harsh with game maker, but it's because there is so many nice free game out there. Always try to make your simplest game awsome.

Xplored responds:

We know how people is in evaluating games...and we're used to collect fans and supporters as well as funny insults :D
That's the market we decided to work in.
It's funny!