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Reviews for "Toys Vs Nightmares"

Kinda okay.

Not a bad game. Pretty solid, its just.. Well.. Theres one major issue I'm seeing. Theres too many enemies/toys which can only be hurt a specific way. Its annoying to have a line of toys made to damage, but have a skeleton jump in and try and steal one. Or a bat fly over every projectile, or a ghost ignore ALL damage that doesn't come from one or two toys. Which make the game extrodinarily unbalanced.

That said, it was pretty fun up to that point.

Xplored responds:

The purpose is a strategy game, where the selection of toys and their placement is the key to win.
Just shooters hitting enemies coming were not the idea.
Anyway, we're pleased you had fun time :)

great game

it is a good game, also to all those people bitching about this being similar to PvZ are idiots. Plants versus zombies is the game that popularized this genera and wasn't the first of its kind. So this is probably inspired by it and it has a slightly different system. So all you people complaining why don't you go running back to wherever you came from and shut the hell up.

Xplored responds:

We need you on the developers arena bleaches dressing our Xplored T-shirt!
Thumb up for you.

Refreshing Twist on a Popular Game

I really enjoyed this rendition of the PvZ formula.
I remember as a child I used to make forts at night with my toys as my army, protecting me from monsters under the bed.
And yes, it is very similar people, get over it. Almost anything you run into nowadays is "copied" in one form or another. Seriously, you people sound like that one character on Family Guy who keeps calling Peter a "big, fat phony!". There, so I guess in turn you copied FG, so now you're the one who needs to come up with original material.
Great work, keep making great games!

Xplored responds:

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

I like it more than PvZ

This game makes, first of all, sense!! The concept of making the kid fend off his nightmarish fears with the use of his imagination is a great touch.

The "tower"-units available are creative and require some degree of tactics. However, I find that being able to speed up the book recharge (although a nice way to make players "grind" when the enemy is too close) makes it too easy to build an army: I started off making another book, flipping pages of both books and then build many units while constantly flipping pages on both books. I could've had the chance to place another book if I wanted to, but this method was good enough.

Anyway, this is a pretty addictive game and the artwork/animations are great! The story is fitting and the general concept (although unoriginal in the basics) is still fresh.

Thank you for making this great game.

Xplored responds:

Thank you for appreciating our work.
It's always a pleasure to read comments like your :-)

So you copied.....

You should give credit where credit is due. Don't say that PVZ created this style of play, you took literally the PVZ game, did a few design changes, put some different sound in, and called it your own.

If you create something new, that's great, but the title of this game should really be "Toys Vs Nightmares, a game inspired by Plants Vs Zombies." If you wanted to create a new game that stemmed from PVZ, why don't you use the same board style, but a different energy collector. Or, instead of collecting energy by grabbing it and clicking the little orbs, why don't you have a monetary system based off the kills that you get.

Games are different, this hardly is different to PVZ. Sorry to be a nay-sayer. You can still take this game and make something unique out of it, but as of right now, it's just a clone on PVZ....