Reviews for "Sniping Lessons w Camper"


Camper is a scammer but he just trying to waste newbie's time AND his money lol camper your the best of scams

That's not how i get a gun

I force my dad to buy one then i just play with my toy gun...I forgot to mention that my gun's pretty big...And it's a shotgun...plus i got a revolver

i wana learn to snipe

lol hahahaha

this remindet me of something nice.

when i tried out metal gear online, a badass guy first stole my main weapon (P90), i got a little bit angry so i tried to kick his ass but he knocked me over and stole my secondary weapon (pistol, don't remember wicth one), then i tried to get a hold of him and choke him to death but he just knocked me over and stole my grenades :S (did i mention that he was one of my team?)


Awesome dude .. like the animation this let me think about my old life playing counter-strike source haha epic..