Reviews for "Sniping Lessons w Camper"

poor Newbie

i feel sorry for that guy, hopefully he'll improve later on the new episodes, but it was hailarous



It couldn't have ended well

I think the reason why this has such a high rating is because of your recent really good submission. It's great to take a look back at everything. Wow, you actually made a high quality flash on Clock Day that wasn't Clock related! With this score, you should have won that day. What I like about this is how cartoony it is. The way there isn't any spoken dialogue reminds me of the slapstick days of Wile E. Coyote cartoons.

Even the way the words come out are like the signs he carries. The artwork is really good in this one and you know how to give depth to stick figures. It was still a bit too short, but it does deliver its punchline well. It's probaby something I should keep of note if I ever intend to play Counter-Strike. The sounds are funny and goofy too.


A friend in need is a friend indeed XD

haha newbies never learn

newbies never learn...its better starting from a little pistol for the snipersssssss