Reviews for "Wanna Read Manga"

if you

if you can play like that the piano for real, i will go to you house and do you dirty stuff!! hahaha

Definetely worth a 10

Animation was so smooth! and it made me laugh... but it should be rated T

pretty good

is anyone else wondering why he had a roll of condoms and a popsicle in his pants?


It was kinda meh. The animation was certainly good, but it was just too short to make it a fully fleshed out cartoon. Also, this should be rated T - a man holding a bunch of condoms and pulling a popsicle out of his pants is hardly "suitable for everyone".

Alright, where's MY Popsicle?

Even though it was short, I thought it was hilarious XD Animation was done quite well, and it was just well thought out anyways. My only complaint is it's short, but hey, maybe that's how it was intended to be! And it's more a personal thing then a reviewing thing. It was really good and really creative. I applaud you good sir :3